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Who is Aaron Zide?

To some I am a son, to some an artist, and to others a maniac. To those close to me, a friend or even a brother, and to those closest to me I’ve been known to go by ThunderKitty, but that’s another story. I love to be inspired, to learn, to create and to teach. If I could be something it would be an eternal student. Students learn, practice and then teach other students. The exchange of ideas and the idea of collaboration simply make my eyes light up. I feel as a creative that it’s my lifelong duty to know a little, maybe even a lot, about everything. So if you feel like hiring me, working with me or teaching me something, lets connect.

Aaron Zide | Senior Art Director

Resumé Portfolio

I am a highly driven Senior Art Director working with Skiver in Orange County, CA. I have over eight years experience in advertising and design and many more in potential. I graduated with a BS in Graphic Design from AICA-OC. One of my many goals is to use exceptional collaboration, communication, informed decision making and people skills to create work that speaks to people regardless of medium.

Capabilities & Process.

My design process is structured around the key principle of ensuring the client gets the highest quality, proper solution, appropriate to their business problem. I am a problem solver at heart and as my mom always said, “You’re either a part of the problem, or a part of the solution.” I work quickly and precisely (as time wasted is a pet peeve of mine) from brainstorm and research to find inspiration and a unique perspective. This all comes to life via sketching, digital mockups and final compositions.

Brands I’ve had the pleasure of working on:

Oakley, Hooters of America, Electra, Western Digital, T-Mobile, Boy Scouts of America, Targus, Infinium Spirits, Viewsonic, Puerto Los Cabos, ONEHOPE Wine, Pau Vodka, Kangaroo Express, Mercedez-Benz of Laguna Niguel, SizableSend and 4 Copas Tequila. I pride myself in offering my marketing and design skills to non-profits quite frequently.


  • Contact Info

    Phone: (949) 307 6960
    Email: zide@zidesign.com
    URL: www.zidesign.com

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